Day 1 Collection Services

The Medical Billing Starts On Checkout

At ARC, we excel in Day 1 billing, ensuring that your healthcare practice captures revenue right from the outset. Our specialized team guarantees immediate revenue capture, enhances your financial health, streamlines your workflow, and ensures compliance with healthcare regulations. We prioritize patient satisfaction, leverage data-driven insights, and offer a dedicated partnership for a financially secure future.


Below are commonly asked questions about Day 1 Collection Services.

Day 1 Billing means starting the billing process on the same day a patient receives medical services.

It's crucial because it ensures that healthcare providers capture revenue immediately, leading to better financial stability.

Day 1 Billing optimizes cash flow, reduces revenue leakage, and enhances financial health.

ARC specializes in managing billing processes from day one, ensuring efficient revenue capture and compliance.

You can contact us directly for a consultation to explore how Day 1 Billing can benefit your healthcare practice.