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Legacy Accounts Receivable Management

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Team Up with ARC for a seamless billing transition while introducing a new system and handling legacy billing processes. Our specialized Legacy System Billing Management keeps your team’s attention on learning the new system, reducing stress, and ensuring uninterrupted operations. It safeguards your investments and maintains data security throughout this crucial phase. ARC offers tailored strategies, expert guidance, and proactive risk management, empowering your team to confidently navigate the digital transition. Secure your legacy systems, maintain compliance, and optimize your financial potential with ARC.


Below are commonly asked questions about Legacy Accounts Receivable Management Services.

ARC ensures a smooth billing transition by seamlessly integrating our services into your operations. We accomplish this through two key approaches: gaining system access via VPNs and licenses to legacy system or working from a storage system provided by the hospital.

ARC takes proactive steps, beginning 3-4 months before the GO LIVE date, to ensure your cash collections stay consistent throughout the transition. We meticulously follow the project plan, retrieving needed information from a client, and safeguarding your revenue while you switch systems, thereby preventing any disruption to your cash flow.

ARC collaborates closely with your team throughout the transition. While we handle the technical aspects, your involvement will include providing necessary information, reviewing progress reports, and making critical decisions aligned with the project plan.

ARC proactively identifies potential issues and incorporates contingency plans into the project strategy. Our experienced teams work closely with key members of the hospital team to promptly address any challenges, ensuring a successful transition in line with established timelines.

ARC provides regular progress reports, keeping you informed about every step of the process. Our transparency ensures you have real-time insights into the project's status and any potential adjustments needed to meet your goals.

Certainly, ARC has successfully guided hospital organizations with substantial annual gross revenues ranging from $147 million to $160 million, processing thousands of claims. With ARC's expertise and a robust project plan, these hospitals seamlessly switched systems, minimized revenue loss, and enhanced operational efficiency.

ARC maintains a dedicated compliance team that closely monitors changes in healthcare regulations. We incorporate these updates into our project plan, guaranteeing that your billing remains fully compliant throughout the switch according to the established project plan.